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GRltd Cover

"Glen Robbie A Scottish Fairy Tale ©2006
Written by T.E. Watson FSA Scot
Illustrated by Steve Ferchaud
ISBN10 1-58478-013-4
ISBN13 978-1058478-013-7
Price $22.95 Retail
Published by
Highlands Children's Press
60 Pages Full Color Hard Cover
The wonderous wee village of Glen Robbie has come aliveagain to find someone to help. But if they dinnae find someone they will disappear forever. It is a timeless
and wonderful story for children of all ages.


"Glen Robbie A Scottish Fairy Tale
The Special Limited Edition" ©2006
ISBN 1-58478-014-2
ISBN13 978-1-58478-014-4
60 pages Full Color Hard Cover
Price $40.00 US EACH
Issues 79-300 available.

This is a special limited edition of 300 printed issues of Glen Robbie.They are numbered and signed in sequencial order and are signed by both the Author and Illustrator. They also have different cover and jacket art.


"I Wanna Iguana"©Copyright 1995
Written By T.E. Watson
Illustrated by John Raptis
Published by Paw Prints Press LLC.
ISBN 1-58478-009-6
32 Pages Full Color Hard Cover
Retail Price $16.95 US

This is the book every parent should have while their children grow up and come home with ideas of why they want a pet. It is filled with the classic reasons. I will take care of it. It doesn't take much space, and many more.


Cats  Cover   monster

The Man Who Spoke With Cats"©2006
Written By T.E. Watson
Illustrated by Steve Ferchaud
ISBN 1-58478-019-3
ISBN13 978-1-58478-019-9
48 Pages Full Color Hard Cover
Price $18.95 Retai

The kindly old MacGregor cherishes his family of cats. But one has gone missing and he does not know where she has gone. He and the other cats wonder where she could be.
Will she come home?



"The Monster In The Mailbox"
© Copyright 2001
Written by T.E. Watson
Illustrated by Mari and Linus Lancaster
Published by Paw Prints Press LLC.
ISBN 1-58478-011-8
32 Pages Full Color
Retail Price $16.95 US

Little Brother Timmy loves to tease his big sister Cynthia.
She is fed up and comes up with a way to even the score and finally makes Tim realize that teasing is not the thing to do to anyone.
This is a laugh out loud funny book.
Does the Monster in the Mailbox help
Timmy see the error of his ways?

Temporarily Out Of Stock
Going into 2nd Edition

GRCD Cover

Audio Books

To hear samples of the stories click below.


Glen Robbie a Scottish Faery Tale
Audio Book on CD
Approximate story length 24:00 minutes
ISBN- 978-158478-03-97
Stk# GRAud 1

Listen as Author T.E.Watson brings to life all the characters of this wonderful adventure as only he can. Let your imagination soar as this intrepid band struggles to complete their journey and save the village of Glen Robbie.



Glen Robbie...

The Man Who Spoke With Cats...


The Man Who Spoke With Cats
Audio Book on CD
Approximate Length 25:00 minutes
Stk# Cats Audio 1
The Man Who Spoke With Cats
ISBN 978-1-58478-041-0

The Man Who Spoke With Cats
is entertaining and heartwarming. It is read by the Author himself T.E.Watson
accompanied by the beautiful soundtrack composed and performed by the renown
Celtic Music Group Golden Bough.
It is a charming Scottish folktale about family,friendship,love and hope. It's companion Children's book by the same title (see above) is the recipient of The Golden Quill Award for "BEST CHILDREN'S BOOK of 2009" presented by The American Authors Association.




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